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Callan, Co Kilkenny
Birthplace of Blessed Edmund Rice

The thatched house in which Edmund was born on 1st June 1762, is almost 300 years old. The six roomed consists of a kitchen, parlour, breakfast room and three bedrooms. Of particular interest is the bedroom in which Edmund Rice was born.

The house has been restored to show how it would have looked like when Edmund was growing up. There are lots of old things in the house. Edmund certainly didn’t come from a poor background. I went up to see it one day but it was shut. I hope to go again some day and give a report on what I saw.

Come and see how a prosperous farmer’s family lived in Edmund Rice’s time. Also see the chapel, Icon Room and Visitors’ Center.

 Westcourt is open throughout the year.

Large groups should contact the Curator in advance.

 TELEPHONE  056-25141