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Declan's Trip to "Old Trafford" --:

            Come on the Reds --: This is me with the scarf

I am a big fan of Manchester United Football Club.I watch them play as often as I can on telly. I often dreamt about going to see them live, but I never though it would happen to me,because of my win in the art competition Mammy and Daddy decided that I should get a treat. Imagine my surprise whrn I discovered I was going to see all my favourite players playing for real.It helped that my uncle lives in Manchester.

On Thursday the 2nd of December,1999 my minder picked me up from school at 11 am. All my pals wished they could come with me but I had to leave them all behind to finish their work,as I headed off again. We met Mammy in town and got the bus to Dublin. As we got to the airport I was very excited. We arrived at Manchester airport at 7 o’clock that night. My uncleTom met us at the airport and we went to a restaurant.I was starving. We had some kebabs to eat. The next day I went to work with my Uncle Tom in his lorry, and my Mammy  went shopping. I hate shopping, especially clothes shops.

Saturday was the big day of the match between Manchester United and Everton. When we got to Old Trafford there was great excitement.There was hundreds of fans with scarfs and they were singing football songs. United won by 5 goals to 1 goal. It was a great day, especially as United won by such a high score. It was also great to see six goals being scored in front of my own eyes. We came home on Sunday and I was very tired. I told my Daddy, my brother and my sister all about my great weekend. When I went to school on Monday everyone was asking me about my weekend. Even some of the teachers hav'nt been over to Old Trafford.
I hope I go again soon.
Visit Manchester United web site by clicking HERE 

Declan McKenna