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A visit from the vet --: A real vet called to our classroom on March 15th, this year. Our teacher, Mrs. Moloney asked him to call to us as we are doing stories about pets and how to look after them in class. A vet is a person who looks after sick animals. His name was Mr. David Thompson.vet1.jpg (16526 bytes) He talked to us about looking after our pets. A lot of boys in the class have pets like, dogs and such like. He told us that we should care for our pets at all times, not just when we are in the mood. All pets should have a warm place to sleep and good food, just like us. We should be kind to them at all times. Mr. O'Neachtain took a photograph of us for the internet. I liked having  the vet in and talking about his work.He reminded us that a pet is not like a toy we get for Christmas. A pet is for life and how would we feel if you parents got fed up with us and just forgot to feed us and look after us. That would be terrible. An animal has feelings like us.I sometimes see stray dogs walking round Tramore.

Written by --:

Aaron Mahoney

First Class 1999

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