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Meet Chan --:       


I have a pet dog.His name is Chan. He is small and brown and has a short tail. My dog is one year old. I have my dog since I was nine years old. I love my dog very much. I feed him “Pedigree Chum” dog food and he drinks water. The food costs about  1.99 a tin. We got him from a woman in Wexford. She is a dog breeder and her name is Freda. I decided on the name Chan, when I was lying on my bed. 

One day I was singing to myself  “Chan, Chan, Chan, Chan”.  I thought to myself that this would be an unusual name for my pet. So the name stuck.A lot of people ask about the name and I like telling them the story.
My Mum and Dad decided to get the dog as a surprise for me. The dog is a cocker spaniel. He got him groomed three weeks ago. We bring Chan for a walk every evening. Chan has a bad habit of pulling the washing of the line and running around the garden with it. 

Chan sleeps in our utility room. My Mum feeds him in the morning and my dad feeds him in the evening. Chan eats from a steel dish. Chan sleeps in his own basket. My dad and I trained Chan. When I am upstairs Chan will not come up because he is too scared. If my dog ever got lost I would really miss him and send out a search party until he was found. You should look after your pet because a pet is for life. 

dog1.gif (4493 bytes)When I am at school Chan plays in the garden and he waits at the gate for me to come home. If we were going on holidays my Nanny and Granddad would look after Chan for us. Chan has a friend next door her name is Peggy and she is a black Labrador.

Aaron Mahoney
Third Class