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Meet Nesta & Bobby --:

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                        Nesta & Bobby like to play together

I have two pet dogs. One dog is called Nesta and the other dog is called Bobby. Nesta is a small Jack Russell dog.  Bobby is a mongrel and is small and  brown in colour. She is like a teddy bear. We got her from my Mum’s boyfriend, Jay.hWe called them Nesta and Bobby after Bob Marley the reggae singer from Jamaica. We like listening to the misic of Bob Marley. Nesta is Bob Marley’s nickname. Nesta is 8 years old. We have him 8 months . My Mammy decided on the names.We got him 8 months ago from my Mammy’s friend.

My sister decided to get a dog as well. Her dog is Bobby. Nesta is  a black white dog. He eats Smart dog food. He drinks water and milkfrom his bowl. My mammy and my sister and my brother feeds him. We feed him from his new dog bowl. The food cost’s 32p a tin. He is not trained yet. My dog annoys me sometimes. I hate it when he runs about the place barking. Whenever someone comes to the house he barks his head off and runs and barks at the window. Some people are afraid of him but he would'nt bite anybody. I also hate it when he jumps on the bed in the morning and licks your face. He has good habits,as well. He always comes when you call him especially when it is dinner time.

He loves to play when I come home from school. I feed my dog before I come to school every morning. I am sometimes late for school. My teacher sometimes gives out to me for being late but when I tell him I was feeding my dog he does’nt mind. He tells me to get up earlier and not to make a habit of it. Nesta sleeps in a kennel out the back. He sleep's on an old sheet in the kennel. I would miss him a lot if he ran away. He got lost once before. He was missing for a few nights. I thought I would never see Nesta again. I was glad when he turned up.I have to look after him better so he won't run away again.

Anto Sherlock
Third Class