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Meet Ben --:

                            This is a a Gourami fish

I have a pet tropical fish. My pets name is Ben. He lives in a tank with other tropical fish. He is very colourful. He is red
and sort of green. My dad thought that it would be nice to get a new fish. I have my pet one year now. I got him in a shop in town it is called ďPets Ďn VetsĒ. He is three years old. I decided on the name one day in school. The fish tank needs to be cleaned out once a month. He eats tropical fish food. He sipís bits of the water in the fish tank. My dad and I feed him.

 He eats from the tank. The fish food costs £3.45 in most of the shops. He gives himself exercise by swimming round and round the fish tank. He canít go anywhere so I always know he will be in his tank when I come in from school. He sleeps in the tank beside a little plant. Sometimes he might knock over a plant in the tank. If you have a fish like me you do not train him you just look after him properly and keep the tank clean and free from diseases. I look after my pet by feeding him and cleaning out the fish tank. 

I like my pet because he is
small and very colourful. Well I am sure that he has his own friendís in there, they do not seem to fight. If you put the wrong mix of fish you could have problems. Sometimes some fish bully others and eat them up. I never brought him to the vet because fish do not need to be brought to a vet. By cleaning out the fish tank you need a bucket to put your fish in to. And some warm water but not too hot because you could kill your fish.

       Here are some fish you might find in a tropical fish tank   

Ashley McCarthy
Third Class