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Meet Bruno --:

                    Bruno loves chasing after tennis balls

My dog is a Jack Russell dog. His name is Bruno. He looks like a little black and white dog. We have him two years. My Mum got him up town on the Church Road. My sister decided on his name. My sister’s name is Niamh. My mother decided to get him. He eats scraps of our dinner and sometimes we give him Pedigree Chum, which is a dog food in a tin and he drinks water from his bowl.  Sometimes we buy food it costs around two pounds a tin.  We give him exercise nearly every two days. He sleeps in a basket out in the back shed.  He sleeps on newspapers and he does not damage anything.  My Dad trained him. My dog has good habits and he has no bad habits.

Bruno does annoy me sometimes. We never went to the vet. Our Grandad minds our dog when we have to go away. He never got lost because we only have a small garden and he can’t jump the wall yet. Two years he got into a fight with other dogs about twenty times. I would miss him if  he ran away. He has one our two good friends. Their names are Max and I don’t know the name of the other dog. When I come home from school he would be out running around the road. He annoys me sometimes because he always jumps up on me and licks me on the face. I hope he lives for a long time because if we look after him he will look after us.  You have to look after him and love him as I hear people saying that a dog is ‘Man’s best friend’.

Aidan Walsh
Third Class