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Meet Tammy --:


I have a  pet  dog. She is a mongrel terrier. She is 4 years old. I got her in the country from a friend of my mothers. She is very small and fluffy and she is always barking. Her name is Tammy. My Mum got her for her birthday so my Mum picked the name. Tammy loves to eat chicken and drinks water. She does not drink milk. She haves her own bowl for her food. It costs six pounds for her food. We bring her for a walk after tea. She is not on a lead. Tammy sleeps on a blanket on the end of my Mam's bed. Tammy bites the heads off teddy bears. My Mom trained Tammy to mind my Mam’s sweets. We wash Tammy and brush her coat. Her bad habit is barking at people. Her good habit is she guards the house. She annoys me when she barks when I am in bed. My father tells her to “BE QUIET’ or something like that. We brought Tammy to the vet for an injection. Tammy never got lost but if she did I would miss her. She picks fights with big dogs and they runs away. Tammy has a friend called Gizmo. They play in the garden. Tammy sits and looks out the window when we are at school. I like her because she is a good pet and she needs us to look after her. We should give our pets plenty of food and water plenty of love.I like having a dog as a pet.

Brian Kavanagh
Third Class