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Meet Swank--:

                            Swank likes to play with me

The name of my pet is  “Swank”. He is a golden retriever dog. He is five years of age. He is a lovely golden colour. He is very gentle and does not cause trouble. My dog came with his name. I got him from my Mum and Dad for Christmas. He eats dog food. He drinks water. My Mum feeds him “Pedigree chum” dog food. It is 75p down in the  ‘Centra’ shop. I bring him for two walks a day. Sometimes he sleeps outside.  Mostly he sleeps inside in the house. My dog sleeps on the floor.

My dog does not   damage any thing. We all trained him. I feed my pet and I walk my and generally give him our time and play with him and look after him properly. My dog has only good habits   he does not have bad habits. My dog does not annoy me.I brought my dog to the vet to get injections. They got a big needle and stuck in him. When I go away I leave him with my neighbours. My dog did not ever get lost. My dog got in to lots of fights he won them all. I miss my dog when he never comes back. My dog has his own friends he plays with them when he goes out around every day. 

When I am at school my Mum looks after him until I get home about half past three. The dog is one of mans oldest companions. If you want a good friend, who will share your life, go out for walks with you and always depend on you, get a dog. A vet came toour class and spoke to us about looking after our pets. It was very interesting.

Davey Herbert
Third Class