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Meet Toy --:


I do not have a pet at the moment but I once had a pet dog. My dog’s name was Toy. He was a terrier dog. He was aged one. We had him half a year. I got him from a farmer. My brother decided the dog’s name. My granddad decided to get the dog. Toy used to eat “Pedigree Chum” dog food, which comes in a tin. He  drank water and milk. All of us fed him. He used to eat his food from a bowl. He used to sleep on a rug, which is in a basket. He never damaged anything. My brother and me trained him. He had good habits. He used to come when you called him and did what he was told. My dog has no bad habits. My dog never got into a fight. I miss him now that he is not around. My dog had his own friends. I like my dog because he is special. I learned about diseases from the vet who came into our classroom.. The dog is one of man’s oldest and most valued companions. If you want a good friend get a dog. A dog would last you ten years on average. Let your dog have pups, as they need good homes to go to so they can be happy and give their new owners many years of pleasure.

Eoin Flynn
Third Class