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Meet Speedy --:

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                Speedy is only a small bird at the moment

I have a different pet than anybody else in the class. Most other lads have a dog or a cat but  I have a pet cockatoo. My pets name is Speedy. I have him six weeks. He eats egg food and he drinks water and milk. I feed him with a dropper. The food costs two pounds a bag. I have started feeding him baby food as well. He sleeps in a cardboard box on towels and a hot water bottle. He does not do any damage yet. He fits in the palm of my hand. He has a few brown feathers. He doesn’t have any good or bad habits yet. We had to bring him to the vet four times. The first time was to find out how to care for him. The second time was to get his head fixed after he had a fall. The vet had to give him one stitch, and bandaged his head. We had to bring him back to the vet two more times to get his head checked.

His brother died last week. He wasn’t as strong as Speedy. But his other brother is still alive but very weak. Neighbours look after him if we have to go away. I would miss him a lot if he wasn’t here. When I’m at school he sleeps, like some boys in the class. I love Speedy because he is so cute, and when he grows up he will be very colourful, and hopefully I will be able to teach him how to talk. I have to look after him cause he is to young to care for himself, and he has no mother. We don’t have a good camera so my teacher called and took a photo with the digital camera from school. It turned out brilliant. A vet visited our class and we asked lots of questions.

Gerard Stubbs
Third Class