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Meet Sooty & Whiskers--:


                         Here is a picture of me and Whiskers

I have a  black Labrador dog. Her name is Sooty and she is four years old.
My Mum got her for me when she was a six-week-old pup. I called her Sooty because she is as black as soot. When Sooty was nine months old she had eight pups. Seven were all black like sooty and one pup was black and white. I kept the black and white pup and I called him Spot. The two dogs sleep in a garden shed. They have a dogs baskets to sleep in. They sleep on my old blanket. Every morning my Dad leaves out the dogs and feeds them. Sometimes I look after them at the weekends. They get feed twice a day, once in the morning and  again in the evening. 

When we go away from home, we get my uncle Maurice to look after them. The  dogs go to the vet  got their injections to stop them getting sick.
Twice a year we give them tablets for worms and spray them for fleas. There was an advertisment in the “Munster Express”, which is a local newspaper, looking for a good home for a pup. We rang the telephone number and arranged to go to Bunmahon the following Saturday to see the pup to see if we would like it.

When we saw her we could not leave her behind so we brought her home with us.
During the day, Sooty is tied up because she might ramble away from home. Spot is always free and my Dad says he is better than a house alarm as he stands guard outside the front door. Some people think he is a statue. Once  when a man came to fit a window he was afraid to get out of his van. 

I also have a cat called Whiskers. She was a stray kitten and we gave her a home. The dogs don`t like Whiskers and Spot jumps up at the window to try and catch her. I like my pets.

Ian Daly
Third Class