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Meet Ben --:

I do not have a pet at the moment but I did have one up to a year ago. He was knocked down by a car and died soon afterwards. I really miss him around the place. I would like to tell you a bit about him. My dogís name was Ben. He was brown in colour. He was a labrador. I got my pet dog in town in a pet shop. My Mam decided on the name. My Mam decided to buy the pet. He used to eat dog food. I used to give him water to drink. My mother fed my dog. 

Ben ate out of a dog bowl. The dog food used to cost about 75p a tin. He slept on a blanket in a kennel out in the garden. Ben didnít damage anything. We all helped train him. I used to bring Ben for a walk every day. Ben had a lot of good habits and he never got lost. Ben did not annoy anybody or damage anything in the house. I used to leave him with my nanny. He  got into loads of fights. I often wish my pet dog would come back. He had his own friends around the neighbourhood. My mother used to mind him when I went to school. I got very upset when I heard he got knocked down. I might get another pet soon.
Ian Larkin
Third Class