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Meet Woobly --:

I have a pet gold fish. His name is Wobbly. He is small and orange in colour. He is six months old. I have him for five months now. I got him in a shop in Waterford and bought him for my birthday. I decided on the name Wobbly. Mam and Dad decided to buy me a pet and I picked out the goldfish. When we went home we put the goldfish in his bowl and we gave him some food. He was very happy to be fed. Every day after school I feed him. The food costs 1.30 and it lasts for a long time. I look after him by giving him food every day of dried flake or pellet food. 

Goldfish have teeth in their throats  which they use to crush food. There are over a hundred kinds of goldfish. The common goldfish has two sets of paired fins. Goldfish have very large eyes and acute senses of smell and hearing. Goldfish usually mature in their second year but this varies with diet, water temperature. Females can produce several thousand eggs per spawning period up to several times within a few months. Goldfish eggs hatch in about 4-5 days. 

Goldfish are omnivorous, meaning they feed on both plants and animals. Young gold fish do not have bright colours, but many get nice bright colours as they grow up. Goldfish come in many   colours, though their colours range from red, gold and orange to bronze, brown and grey, black and white. Selective breeding from plain coloured goldfish produces multicoloured gold fish. 

Goldfish are widely used in many lands as ornamental fish. I leave him at home in the bowl and he swims round and round.I think that is very boring. I would miss him if he ever died. My Mam and Dad look after him, as well. I like him because he is orange in colour and he is beautiful. I would not like to be a goldfish as all you could do is swim round and round the same bowl all your life. It would drive me round the bend.I like my pet goldfish.

John O'Grady
Third Class