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Meet DJ --:

                          DJ liked sleeping on the couch

I have a pet dog.
His name is DJ. He is called after a famous Kilkenny hurler named DJ Carey. My father says that DJ is the best hurler in the country ever. My DJ is five months old.He has a lovely face. When we bought him we also got his brother. His brother is ruby in colour. His brother’s name is Prince. My sister owns Prince.  They are playful to together. We got them in Mooncoin, which is a small village in County Kilkenny. My Dad decided to get the pets. They eat  “Pedigree Chum” dog food. DJ likes to play with a ball. He plays in the back garden. He likes to get attention. He likes to run on the beach. He likes to sit in front of the fire. He likes to play with me. He likes you to tickle his belly. My dog ran with my shoes and pushed the door and went out side with it. My dog plays tricks on me. I am trying to train my dog to go to the toilet outside. They are full of energy. They are walked every night. When I get up I open the door and I let the dogs out. I like to play with my dog and my sister’s dog. My sister likes to play with him, as well.

Liam Faherty
Third Class