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Meet Finlay--:

                     Finlay swam around his tank all day

I used to have a pet goldfish.
The name of my pet was Finley. He was four months old when he died. I had him two months. He ate a special type of fish food. My sister and me feed him. My sister and me decided on the name. He drinks water. I decided to get the pet. I should look after him because if I do not he will die. I liked him because he was quiet. He was gold with fins and scales. I got him at a funfair. He ate the fish food from his tank. The food cost one pound a tin.

He swims in his tank for exercise. He slept in his fish tank. He is a freshwater fish. When I am at school he swims in his fish tank. Finley cost one pound fifty. We fed him, changed his water and looked after him but he still died. We do not know what he died from. Goldfish will survive in water temperatures ranging from freezing to 30 degrees centigrade. Goldfish spawn both in the spring and in the summer. Their eggs will stick to the water plants. Within a week the eggs will hatch. Goldfish have been known to live up to an amazingly 25 years!
Michael Lawlor
Third Class