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Meet "Jaws" --:

                     This is my fish tank at home

I have a pet fish. His name is Jaws. He is a golden colour. He is eight months old. We have him eight months. I got him in McGuires Garden Centre. I decided on the name of my pet. I decided to get the pet. He eats fish food. He drinks water. I feed him once a day. The food cost 2.50. He swims around the fish tank. I clean the fish tank once a month. He is a very happy fish. He has no bad habits. My fish does not annoy me. My nanny comes down to feed him. I like him because he is my first pet. I look after him because he is my pet. You never have to worry that they will run out the door or get lost. I have different things in the tank so they can swim round. They have plenty of room in the tank other than a bowl. You can get real plants which make the tank more interesting and the fish can eat some if it. I like having fish as I do not have to bring them for a walk or worry that they will cause damage.

Robert Dunphy
Third Class