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Meet Henry --:

               Henry loved to play with us in the garden

I do not have a pet at the moment but I had a pet boxer dog up to two years ago. We called him Henry. He was born in Bruff in Co. Limerick. His owner brought him to Tipperary town and we all went to collect him. He was only 8 weeks old and she put him in a big box for us to take home. Daddy had made a big kennel for him since. We have a big garden for Henry and he had lots of room for him to play and run. I also live in the country so this helped as well. He use to run very fast and I use to catch him. Henry was very gentle, even when he was eating his dinner we could say “ah ,ah” and he would stop eating. Henry loved all kinds of food. He loved meat and big bones, chocolate and ice-cream, and he loved to take heads  off the daffodils as they moved their heads in the  breeze. 

When Henry was six months old he got out on the road and he got a bad fright from a car .We live by a busy road in the countyside about two miles from Tramore and he was lucky he did not get killed. After that he never went out on the road on his own. My granny lives on a farm a few fields from our house. Henry use to get very excited when he would see us going out the back garden gate. He would bounce up and down, he loved to play hide and go seek in the tall grass. 

My sister and my brother and myself had great times playing with Henry. One day Henry got very sick
and the vet could not make him better and he died. We  buried him beside the cherry blossom tree, with his favourite ball and slipper. I will get a another dog soon.I really miss him.

Shane Fleming
Third Class