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Meet Rex --:


I have a pet dog. His name is Rex. He is small with black hair.
He his two  years old. I got him from a friend. I called him Rex, because I liked the name. Mammy got for me because he was a good puppy. I feed him tins  of dog food called “Pedigree Chum”. It costs about 68p a tin. He eats two tins a day. I also give him water to drink. I bring him for a walk everyday. He sleeps on a cushion in the Barna shed, out the back. He used to chew  slippers. This drove my mother mad. He also chewed the corner of the chairs. He had the house in bits after a couple of weeks. I used to feed  him and play with him.

My brother used to mind him when we went away  and he never went to the vet.
He used to get into very big fights with the dogs who came up our road. One time he arrived home with his head all covered in blood. My mother cleaned him up. There was blood all over the kitchen and the porch. He used to play with my brothers. One day he was out playing and he got knocked down and he was killed. I was very upset when he died. We buried him in the back garden and my Daddy made a lovely cross for him. He used to play with his teddy.

He used to  run after rabbits. We used to bring for a big walks.
He use to jump up on me when I came home. He often made my clothes all dirty when he put his paws all over my jacket. This used to annoy me. I use to hide in the  hotpress up the top. Everybody in my family. I used to love Rex. He used to go off in the morning and come back in the evening. He use to bite my  ball.He use to bite my playstation wire. I miss him around the place.

Stephen O'Brien
Third Class