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Meet Goldie --:

I have a pet goldfish. He lives in a square tank in our kitchen and his name is Goldie. I really do not know his age but I think he is five. When we got Goldie his friend came with him. His name was Flounder, however poor Flounder died. Goldie came from Gardeners World, which is a garnen centre in Waterford. He is about two and a half inches long. He has a lovely golden colour, that’s why I call him Goldie. My Dad decided to get him for me because my sister was getting a fish too. I feed Goldie every day. He eats tetra fin goldfish flakes.
healy3.jpg (24620 bytes)
                       This is Goldies home in our kitchen

Goldie comes to the surface to eat his food. The food costs 2.19 per 20.g, and it lasts for three months. His only exercise is swimming round and round the tank, day in and day out and he sleeps in his tank (I think). He does not do any damage and he does not need any training. That’s another reason why a pet fish is easy to have. Every few weeks my Dad, my sister Edwina and myself empty Goldie’s tank and clean it and fill it with fresh clean water. When we go away, my nanny feeds Goldie for us. If I did not have Goldie I would be very sad because he is the only pet I have. My teacher called to the house and took the photograph with a digital camera.

Tom Healy
Third Class