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boyle.gif (41321 bytes)Robert Boyle (1627 - 1691)
Famous Irish scientists were featured in a set of stamps issued in 1981.Born the   seventh son of the Earl of Cork, in Lismore, Co. Waterford. One of the greatest natural philosophers, physicists and pioneer of modern chemistry. In 1645 he became a member of the society of scientific men. He began to work on the properties of sound in Oxford in 1645. The first successful air -pump was designed and built by him in 1659. It consisted of a spherical glass receiver, mounted on top of a cylinder, in the base of which was fitted a hand operated rack and pinion suction device.The glass receiver was fashioned so that objects could be introduced into it.. Boyle devised numerous experiments in which he observed the effects of pressure changes on magnets and living creatures placed inside the glass receiver.

This set of  stamps were  issued on Thursday, March 12th.,1981 as part of a set of four  under the title"Irish Science and Technology".

The 12p stamp showed Robert Boyle's air pump.
The 15p stamp showed a Ferguson Tractor
The 16p stamp showed Charles Parsons turbine.
The  25p stamp showed John Holland, inventor of the submarine.