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waterfcc.gif (16010 bytes)Chamber of Commerce-:
On 30th. March 1787, on instructions from a meeting of Waterford's merchants and traders, an association which was to become known as the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Waterford was formed and a committee laid down the rules and procedure which were to be adopted from then on for the continuance of the association.It would appear from early records that the Chamber was deeply involved in the Port of Waterford and was responsible for the introduction of legislation in Parliament for the setting up of the Harbour Authority in 1816.It was also deeply  involved with the removal of piracy and smuggling and with the provision of lighthouses around the South-East coast.
In 1815 the Chamber was granted a Royal Charter and continued to operate under this Charter until 1908 when an extended charter was granted during the reign of Edward V11. The purpose of amending this charter was to bring the chamber up to date with trading conditions and to make access more open to manufactures, traders and business professions. The Chamber continues to operate under  the 1908 Charter and to-day has 230 member companies.

This stamp was issued on April,  9th.,1987 to commemorate it's centenary.