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cheetah.gif (34829 bytes)This cheetah stamp is a  30p stamp and comes in a set of four special stamps, entitled "Endangered Species". That means that unless we take care of these animals , they may not be around much longer on this planet. One such creature is the Dodo bird, which used to live on the island of Mauritius.The stamp was issued in 1998.

I like the cheetah stamp because the cheetah is my favourite animal and it has lovely coloured spots. The cheetah is the worlds fastest animal on land. The cheetah can reach up too a speed of around 100km an hour. A big cheetah can be around 36 inches and can weigh up to 77 to 132 pounds. Cheetahs live in Africa and Indiain spread out areas called the great plains. Cheetahs are killed and their skin is used for making handbags coats and shoes. I think cheetah killing should be stopped. I am a member of the stamp club. We learn a lot of things from stamps. I like stamps because it gives you something to do on cold wet evenings.

Christopher Murray.

"Seasiders Stamp Club"