Hi, my name is Tommy .

I'm the head of this family. You will meet the rest of them later on. You see my picture on all the Tayto products. You will find pictures of me in supermarkets, grocery stores, corner shops, school bags, in fact almost anywhere. It is nice to feel wanted. I hate when people throw me away when they are finished with me. Do you sometimes throw me on the ground? Remember to put me in the rubbish bin and keep our country clean and tidy. I hope you don't throw me around the school yard. Next time remember to put me in the bin. Don't become a litter lout.

I started life as a small potato seed down in the County Cork. When I was big enough I was taken from the ground and ended up in a lorry heading for the tayto factory in Moore's Lane in Dublin City. This was back in 1954 when Tayto started. I was lucky that I wasn't turned into a crisp but was selected to be their mascot and logo. I have appeared on every packet ever since. I have been moved around the city four times over the years and I am living in Coolock at present in a high-tech factory. I am proud of our achievments over the years. We keep on improving our produces range so you can enjoy eating them. Have you tried any new produces page for details. Twenty years ago I met my Darling wife Tessy. She helps me with my work here in Tayto. As time went by little Tayto's came along. You can meet the whole family later. I hope you can enjoy our web-site, and remember,

"There is nothing like a Tayto crisp".

Hi, my name is Tess .

I'm Tommy's wife, we married Tommy in 1976. We had a great day. I came to the factory in 1976 and was selected from all the millions of potatoes to be his bride. I felt really special to be chosen from so many. I look after the cooking here in Tayto. Tommy makes sure the potatoes are of the right quality and I make sure they are cooked to perfection so you can enjoy them at their best. When the potatoes arrive at the factory they are washed, and peeled. If I spot any bad ones I take them out and throw them away. I have many helpers to assist me with all this work. When they are all cleaned and peeled they are thinly sliced and then fried in very hot oil for a few minutes. Whenthey are cooked they are removed, allowed to dry and flavouring added depending on the type needed. They then travel along a conveyor belt where they are stored in a storehouse ready for distribution. We check everything here very carefully so you can enjoy out crisps at their best. Have you explored my "Tasty Treats Page" for ideas on uses for Tayto. And remember,

"there is nothing like a Tayto crisp".

Hi, my name is Timmy .

I'm the eldest in the family. I am 12 years old. I am in sixth class this year. I am looking forward to going to secondary school next year. I go to the local school here in Coolock. My teacher is Mr. McCrumb. He is a cool guy and comes to school on a bike. He lives with his Mammy and loves surfing the 'Net'. He always jokes about going surfing and not getting wet. We always laugh 'cause we'd be afriad not to. He is a computer freak. He introduced us to computers. We do a lot of work on our computers. I won the 'Best Project' award last year with my project on "The History of the Potato". I typed it into my word processor and introduced many exciting graphics.

I stay in for lunch. The most popular snack food in my class are Tayto 'Ripples'. My favourite flavour is barbeque Spare Rib. My favourite subject in school is Maths and Science. I also enjoy Art and Physical Education. I really enjoy sports. I enjoy playing hurling soccer and tennis. I am on the school hurling team. I play center field. I play soccer at the weekends. I play for Tayto Celtic under 12's. I play right side of mid-field. My favourite player is Roy Keane. I hope to play for Ireland someday. Our teacher is really into Quizes. We won the Jimmy Magie Quiz last year. Have you tried my quiz on this site. Don't forget to read the rules before you answer the questions, and Good luck with your answers. And remember,

"theres nothing like a Tayto Crisp".

Hi, my name is Tara .

I am the only girl in the family. I am eight years old. I am in third class. My teacher's name is Miss Spud. She is very intelligent, well she looks very intelligent. She has a boyfriend his name is Crispin. He is smashing. We saw him in town with her last Saturday. They were holding hands. We think they are going to get married. We would be very happy for them. My best pal is Penelope. She sits beside me, at school. She helps me with my reading and I help her with her Maths. I enjoy music the best in school. I sing in the school choir. Penelope and I play in the school band. I want to be a pop star when I grow up. I have a Cindy Doll and I have some clothes for her. I play with our dolls in my bedroom, Penelope has "Tiny Tears". We enjoy dressing our dolls in different outfits. We like to get dresses up ourselves. I hope to get a new dress for her party. Her mother is also a great cook, but not as good as my mum. When I grow up I hope to study for a degree in Business Management and come back here and keep this factory the best in the country. In the meanwhile I will keep learning my frech verbs and keep my fingers crossed. And remember,

"theres nothing like a Tayto Crisp".

Hi, my name is Tiny .

I'm the youngest member of this family. I am 3 years old. My dad is nice. He works very hard in the factory to keep all of you happily feed with your favourite Tayto snack. He is especially busy at this time of year, with Christmas just around the corner. I hope you are looking forward to santa as much as I am. What I wonder is where do you guys put all of those snacks? I find it incredible to believe that over 400 tonnes of potatoes are used here every week to keep up with the demand. That is an awful amount of potatoes. Its no wonder that my poor mother Tessy comes home so tired every evening after work. I wish she didn't have to go out everyday but thats life. I don't do any work here at the factory because I am to small and Tara says I would only get in the way. Its tough being small ain't it! Timmy is the brain of the family. He's always asking questions he drives daddy mad a lot of the time but dad is very patient. I'm not able to walk as yet so I spend most of time crawling around the floor. I hope to go in to marketing when I grow up, but that won't be for a long, long time yet. In the mean while I will mind myself, eat all my greens and my favourite Tayto snack, get plently of excercise and study hard when I go to school, I hope you are working hard in school and minding yourself. Good bye for now, then and remember,

"theres nothing like a Tayto Crisp".

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