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Q1. Tayto was founded in:
  • 1954
  • 1958
  • 1962
Q2. Tayto was founded by
  • Mr. Joe Murphy
  • Mr. John Murphy
  • Mrs. Joan Murphy
Q3. The first Tayto factory was founded in
  • Moore Lane
  • Moore Street
  • Moore Road
Q4. A new factory was built in 1968. Where was it built?
  • Colbridge
  • Coolock
  • CabinKeely
Q5. Tayto employ in excess of:
  • 250 people
  • 550 people
  • 850 people
Q6. Finish the sentence. Tayto's new slogan is
  • Tayto are the best crisps
  • Tayto, the tastier crisps
  • Tayto, its a national pastime
Q7. Tayto crisps are fried in hot oil at a temperature of
  • 110 degrees
  • 215 degrees
  • 185 degrees
Q8. Which type of potatoes are used to make Tayto crisps?
  • Kerr Pinks
  • British Queens
  • Records
Q9. The Irish snack market is worth about how much per year?
  • 55 million
  • 74 million
  • 94 million

Best of luck!
And remember, "There is nothing like a Tayto crisp".

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