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Meet Tuckamore --:

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Hi there, I am Tuckamore the Topsail moose.  I am over here in Ireland for a short vacation. I was sent to Ireland by the pupils of Topsail Elementary School, in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. They are linked with Edmund Rice Primary School, Tramore through the Stellar Ireland School project, which links schools in Newfoundland with schools in the Waterford area in Ireland. Up to few weeks ago I was sitting on a shelf in a store in Newfoundland, minding my own business, when the next thing I knew I was whisked off, without as much as by your leave and sitting in front of the Third Grade class, belonging to Mrs. Madonna Shea. I was told I was on my way to Ireland. “Where?” I asked. “Ireland, the emerald isle, you know, where most of our ancestors came from” I was told by the children. “Okay, okay, I guess it beats sitting round on a shelf in  Giffords Wholesale Store, anyway” I said. "I've heard it is a cool place, okaY I'll go".

When I arrive in Ireland, I will be visiting the homes of the pupils from third class in Edmund Rice Primary School, Tramore. After each visit I will write a report, with the help of one of the pupils, about all the things I do and see while I am with them. I will keep a diary and post the report on the school website, so my friends back in Newfoundland will be able read all about my adventures over here in Ireland. While I was in the class in Topsail, I met Tommy, the Tramore Teddy, who told me a similar story to my own. He is over here in Newfoundland on a short holiday, as well and he is also keeping a diary. It is his first time to cross the Atlantic and after a shaky start is settling down well with his new friends here in Newfoundland. He has seen so many new things since he came over here. He has seen huge icebergs floating past the harbour in St. John’s and has even gone whale spotting. He told me that the boys in Tramore are lovely and that I will have a wonderful time, skateboarding, surfing, and playing this new game called hurling. 

So I raced home, grabbed my passport, packed a few things into a suitcase and headed back to the school. I gave my Mom a big goodbye hug and told her I would be in touch by email, as I was off on an adventure of a lifetime to Ireland. I asked her “How many moose’s do you know get a chance to go to Ireland?” She didn’t know of any. So I told her I was taking this chance with my two hands, sorry paws, and going for it. By the time I got back to the school, all was in order and I was packed into a lovely strong cardboard box, lined with soft cushion and  and settled down to what I hoped would be a pleasant journey across the Atlantic. Packed in with me were some information leaflets, badges, and maps about the Conception Bay area.

I was going back to Ireland in the same craft (box) that Tommy came in, and he arrived safely, so I guess I should too. Some of the boys and girls also gave me some treats in case I got hungry on the trip.  So the lid was closed, the box was wrapped and wrapped with brown paper, Mrs Shea wrote the address on the front and I was all set for the adventure of a lifetime. Next thing I knew, I was sitting on a shelf in the main Post office in St John’s hoping to be heading for the airport very soon. But what do you know, I heard this guy saying I was “surface mail “ and I was to go on a van to the port of Quebec and from there to Ireland. Was this guy for real, this journey would take ages? 

tuckprofile3.gif (5674 bytes)Well to tell the truth, it took me nearly a month to arrive in Tramore. The boys in Tramore were sending urgent messages across the Atlantic on a daily basis, wondering what had happened to me, as I hadn’t showed up after a fortnight. They thought that maybe I was arrested at customs, or they thought I was an asylum seeker, looking for a new home in Ireland and was arrested. There was great excitement when I arrived as you can imagine.
I was welcomed as if I was a long lost friend. The boys were telling me about  the things  we were going to be doing in Tramore.

I hope you enjoy reading my adventures in Ireland and that you might drop in on Tommy’s as well. 

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