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Updated: 10.06.99
Current to: DOA 2.73r0

This site contains tables of figures which are my attempt to classify the DoA aircraft, as modeled, into some order of comparison. The tests I used were loosely based on Hoof's WarBirds performance tests.

In version 1.3 of Dawn of Aces we were introduced to the Zeppelin and Artillery.... yet it is the fighter/scout aircraft which this site deals with. The differences in performance are not that great for the most part. They may seem that way "on paper" but out over the trenches, in a turn fight for your life, you would be wise not to concentrate on the slide rule. Different fuel weights, ordnance loads, "Energy", and even an aircraft that has had its landing gear knocked off will cross over those differences and take the fight away from you.

The figures in the tables on the following pages are the simple result of offline testing using the Full Realism flight model. Fuel, speed, and altitude gauges were peered at, tests were run once or twice, averages were taken, and the results written down in pencil.

Standard disclaimers apply... these figures are not official and may be incorrect.


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Thanks to =finn=, -tron-, and dinger for the 3D screenshots used on these pages, and also to DocDoom for his advice.

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