Information on the Green Schools Project.

                       Green Flag Project.

At Garrafrauns National School we have decided to become part of the Green School Project. The purpose of this project is to encourage individual as well as whole school action for the environment. Part of this campaign   
Is to win a green flag from an Taisce students and staff have raised awareness of environmental issues such  to show how Garrafrauns National School as litter control, recycling and composting. We have a committee set up which consists of a chairperson and six teams. Each class is represented in each team so that the whole school is involved.
Each team is responsible for a particular aspect of the project. We have a team which collects food waste, plastic waste, hazardous waste, paper waste and cardboard. As regards glass recycling we have written to the chairman of Garrafrauns Community Council requesting them to contact the environmental section of Galway County Council about the possibility of locating bottle banks in Garrafrauns to collect glass or bottles for recycling.
Farm Focus:

One of our aims is to promote awareness among the farming community of the importance of the disposal of plastic on the farm. The plastic should be stored and disposed properly. There is a used plastic silage wrap collection system in use.
Action plan:

Part of our campaign is the formulation and implementation of an Action Plan. Here are some aspects of our action plan.

  • To collect paper waste for recycling.
  • To collect hazardous waste material for the Civic Amenity Centre in Tuam.
  • To set up a special environmental notice board.
  • To set a rota of daily litter monitors.
  • To plant and care for seeds ( pansies, marigolds, asters, norstersium) and bulbs ( begonia, spraxis allium etc.)
  • To invest in wormery.
  • To collect food waste for the wormery.
  • To plant trees ( ROWAN, Silver Birch and Maple)
  • To purchase a new litter bin for school grounds.
  • To make a bird table for the school.
  • To ensure that Photocopies are backed.
  • To draw a simple Green Code for our school with our own slogan.
Green Code:

When devising our Green Code at Garrafrauns National School our Green Flag teams came together to decide on the format. We finally came up with a simple format which is:
  1. Keep our school and playground a litter free zone.
  2. To collect suitable materials for composting in the worrmery and compost unit.
  3. Keep flower beds, rockery and garden neat and tidy to enhance our school.

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