A Guide for Addicts, Youths and Parents Alike.



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Magic Mushrooms

Street Names; Mushies, liberty caps, pixie caps, psilocybin, shrooms

What is it ?; These are hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow in the wild. Users dry them and either eat them or make into tea.

Magic MushroomsSigns of use; Hilarity, unusual field trips in October/November.

The Highs; In small amounts, users feel relaxed and happy. In larger amounts the experience hallucinations.

The Lows; Hallucinations may be unpleasant and frightening. May danger is picking the wrong kind which may lead to death.

Addictiveness; Not very

If you gonna take them;

You should retain one mushroom for medical analysis if taken ill.

Remember if depressed or down you are more likely to have a bad