Drumlamph Foray 8th November 2003

On Saturday 8th of November I went on a fungal foray with the NIFS. These are the usable images I managed to get on that day.

First, two bracket fungi. On the left, The Blushing Bracket, so-called because it colours pink when bruised. On the right,  Phellinus pomaceus, the Cushion Bracket.


The fungus on the left is Polyporus badius, growing on wood. I have this on the hedgerow, too. On the right, the Scarlet Elf Cup, a brilliant red colour.


The fungus on the left is the Silky Piggy-back. It grows on the decaying bodies of other fungi; in this case a Russula. The one on the right is waiting identification. Probably a Mycena.


The fungus on the left (Hymenochaete corrugata, or Glue Crust) is fascinating. It grows high on Hazel and catches twigs which it binds into a lattice-type structure. It then consumes the twigs. I knew that spiders catch flies, but I never knew that fungi could catch wood. On the right is a Calocera which grows on dead stumps.


Finally, a Lichen growing on, I think, Hazel.

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