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This website is a documentary of one year's life in a Donegal Hedgerow. Day by day, the sights I see are presented in pictures and text. The pages take the form of a diary, and all photographs are placed in date sequence. The website therefore records as many of the encounters with wildlife as I can photograph or describe.

The hedgerow is about 1.5 miles of continuous hedging just outside the town of Raphoe, Co. Donegal, Ireland. The number of species suggests that the hedge is several hundred years old.

Last year, as I walked my dog along this path, I noticed at least 50-60 flower and fern species. This year, having purchased a digital camera, I am recording as many of those species as possible. In addition, there are numerous birds, insects and animals to see and hear. Anything I can record is shown here.

The Annexe is a page where I can show images from areas outside the Hedgerow. In fact, I have now decided that the area featured in the Annexe will be the subject of next year's website.

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Please note: If you want to use any of the images from this site, please contact me first. All images and text Stuart Dunlop 2003. All photographs were taken with a Fuji Finepix 2800Z.

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