27th March


Original Hedgerow, leg 2.


Dull with heavy showers.

The mystery of the pupa in Typha latifolia is clearing up. It's now clearly a moth, so I just need to look for live larvae in June and July. This one was also head-down.

And while I was digging around inside the Typha stem: a rat-tail maggot of some kind. These have a tail-end tube that allows them to breathe while under water. The tube on this one isn't too long, so it might live in a submersible part of the stem rather than on the bottom of a body of water. I'll keep it moist and see what emerges. Some of these belong to Hoverflies, but the 'tail' on this one seems shorter than those I've seen. Anasimya or Parhelophilus are in the running.


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