2nd June


Original Hedgerow, leg 2, and a late addition.


Sunny with hot spells.

I was attracted to these Beech leaves by the holes, and discovered these blue woolly aphids.

Phyllaphis fagi.


They start off covered in the fine waxy coat and then shed it to show their true blue colour. The first generation has some specimens which are born with wings to aid distribution. The second generation are all born with wings.

A large (18mm.) Sawfly, probably one of the Tenthredo spp.


The Orange Tip has this fascinating licheny underside. It provides significant camouflage.

Later in the evening I was called out to see this swarm of Honey Bees. I'd make a conservative estimate of 10,000 individuals.


I was later informed of two other swarms no more than 200m away from this one.

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