17th April


Various locations. Torrential rain until 5.30. Sunny, now.

On the original hedgerow, I've been looking for different Dog Violets. This is the Heath Dog Violet. The spur at the rear is short and yellowish.


Two insects from the high area that was forestry. On the left a 2.5 cm beetle (Carabus granulatus) in the most tricky photo yet taken with the new camera. The beetle was moving so quickly I had to pan the camera with macro on. I took 30 bad shots before I got this one. On the right the caterpillar of the Drinker Moth, about 5 cm long. It was hanging head-down on a reed, so not feeding. Maybe it was just trying to dry out. This is evidence of the fauna change due to de-forestation. The Drinker is a heath/fen/grassland species. Until 2 years ago, this spot would have been in virtually total shade due to the Spruce trees.

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