27th April


Drumboe Wood, again, today. The woodland floor is covered with Bluebells, Wood Sorrel, Wood Anemone and Lesser Celandine. Bright but overcast. One Speckled Wood seen.



This is a new one for me - the Wood Speedwell. It has a very delicate colouring for the flower. It looks like a great deal of this will be flowering in the next few days. Flower about 8mm across.  



This is a very small bee (about 1cm long) on a Dandelion. But what's this? A tiny (around 1mm) yellow insect is just to the right of the bee. Who knows what it is? (Good camouflage!)

The most frequent suggestion is a yellow aphid.

These are the catkins of the Osier, one of the narrow-leaved Willows.


The Alder leaves are showing, now. Of the major trees around here, only the Ash, Hazel  and Oak are still in bud.


This is the next in an occasional series of 'Insect-eye' views of the area. The odd angles are quite disorientating. This, of course, is the Bluebell.

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