29th April


I visited a boggy/marshy/muddy area just to the north of the original hedgerow. Dull and drizzly.


The Germander Speedwell is usually a very bright blue. There were two patches of this mauve-flowered Germander Speedwell on the bank of a ditch.



The Water Horsetail has just started to develop cones. The spores will drop out and wander away to plant themselves.

On January 9th, I showed some leaves that I tentatively identified as Ivy-leaved Crowfoot. I think the identification was correct, as indicated by the dark markings on the leaves. Flower about 8mm across, growing on mud.

     Ivy-leaved Crowfoot

 The sepals are, however, not according to the books. These are short and reflexed, whereas the books have hederaceus as having sepals the same length as the petals and not reflexed. But flowers can't read books....

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