7th February


The Hedgerow has a very old wall right at the start of it. All of today's pictures are taken from there.
Two moss images. The one on the left (Homalothecium sericeum) expands its territory by sending out fern-shaped growths. The one on the right (Tortula muralis) shows a couple of spore capsules, and is about 1 cm across. There are small samples of lichens in the right hand picture, too: Caloplaca citrina and Lecanora albescens.


Two Ferns, Wall Rue on the left and Maidenhair Spleenwort on the right.


Another fern, Rustyback, on the left and Ivy Leaved Toadflax on the right.


And finally, no wall page is complete without its Lichen picture. This sample of Caloplaca flavescens is about 6 cm across. The pale parts to the centre show grazing marks from a snail or slug.

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