8th February


Another visit to the original hedgerow today.

Some of this year's seedlings are becoming recognisable, now. On the left, Bush Vetch, and Nettle on the right


I just spotted the Cow Parsley leaves below the Vetch.

This moss grows on the rocks of the old drystone wall that runs for about 300 metres, here. This specimen is about 3 cm across.

The lichen might be Aspicilia calcarea. Moss perhaps Schistidium apocarpum




This Lesser Celandine was facing into the stream, so I got my left foot wet.


At last, some colour for this year. The Yellow Brain Fungus (Tremella mesenterica) grows on dead wood - Ash in this case.

A sharp-eyed commentator has also noticed the Opegrapha (dark green patches of lichen) beside the fungus.

Two more images from the wall: Navelwort on the left and the spore capsules of another moss on the right.


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