5th June


Planted coniferous forestry.


Dull and misty all day.


These spiders bask on rocks, bare earth or logs. They are very fast and scuttle to hide at the slightest movement. So I sat quietly and waited.

They appear to be females with sacs of eggs on their abdomen.

Two shots of a little Psathyrella mushroom in the grass. Cap about 12 mm. across. Spores will be dark


This is the remains of a Song Thrush egg. They appear to be making a bit of a come-back after a disastrous spell in the 90's.

This leaf miner is about to emerge from its life inside the leaf of the Snowberry. Looking at the path, its instinct appears to be to turn right at every leaf vein. The only exception is when it meets its own track, at which point it turns sharp left - away from the old path.

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