7th June


Coniferous forestry.


Dull but warm.

Two mushrooms to start - one large, the other tiny. This Agrocybe praecox was about 6 cm across.


And this tiny Bolbitius vitellinus was less than 1 cm. across.


I think this Black Vine Weevil was working on the assumption that if it can't see me, then I can't see it.



I bothered this tiny bee just enough to get it to fly off.


Another Soldier Beetle - Cantharis pallida - this time on Bramble.

Another two insects - a green Sawfly on the left and a Picture-wing fly with interestingly mottled wings on the right.The Picture-wing flies (or Tephritis) are specific to flower species with compound heads. This was on Marsh Thistle. 

The Pyrenean Lily is naturalised on a few verges around here. Very exotic.

This is the first of our Common Spotted Orchids. (And Ragged Robin on the right).

You're going to see a lot of these orchids.


Oh, and I nearly forgot. I saw this young Fox on the journey back home.

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