24th June


Shots from various verges around town, today.


Dull between showers.


The Marsh Ragwort appears to have flowered just before the Common Ragwort this year. Flower about 2.5 cm. across.


I spotted these little mushrooms growing on (very) old horse dung at the side of the path. Largest specimen about 12 mm. across.

These Willow leaves were distorted to create living spaces for tiny (3mm) red-brown beetles. I suppose the amount of distortion qualifies them as being galls.


I went back to the forestry to collect samples of the fungus-infected Dung Fly from Saturday for analysis.

This is the current state of Saturday's specimen. As you can see, the fungus is more pronounced, now.


Lastly, this appears to be a fungus on the lower side of a Turkey Oak leaf. Specimen was about 1 cm. across.

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