16th May


Original Hedgerow. Our hottest day of the year so far.

Numerous Orange-Tips and Green-Veined Whites, male and female.

The Dock Beetle on the left adopted a different tactic when I bothered it - it fell over and played dead. On the right are the eggs of the same species on a large Dock leaf. The black larvae will soon have the leaf in ruins. Eggs about 1 mm long.




This Nettle leaf was vary badly distorted by what I'm presuming is some kind of Rust attack. It's Puccinia urticata. Thanks to Carl for the id.


The Tormentil has been quietly developing and this is the first flower on the patch. There will be quite a few further Cinquefoils to come in the following months.



Here's a nice little double picture showing Dog Violets and Herb Robert side by side.

This Chaffinch nest is on Cupressus at the boundary of my land. Three chicks.

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