17th May


A very mixed bag, today. First, a very fast trip to the dunes, then the original Hedgerow and lastly a catch-up on a new identification.

Two very quick shots on the way past the coast. On the left, the Thrift, and on the right the Bird's-foot Trefoil. At first I thought the trefoil was something different, as it was only growing about 10 cm tall. I suppose it's because of the constant coastal winds.



The Lady's Mantle appears very suddenly. This plant was not to be seen on Saturday.



There were a few clusters of this tiny Mycena growing on a vertical moss bank. No spore print, yet.

Two further shots. Firstly, a very strange Daisy that I've been watching for a few days. It has no petals, and the whole plant is the same. The leaves are quite conventional, and there are normal daisies growing all around this single specimen. On the right, another shot of the Orange-Tip butterfly egg. This time it's an earlier one in the yellow/pink stage before it goes orange. The ones I showed on Friday are now gone, so I presume the caterpillars have hatched and moved on into their flowers.


I first saw this strange plant in March, but ignored it as I thought it was a garden escape. Now that I've seen the berries, I realise that it's the False Salmonberry - a plant that has been introduced to this area as cover for birds. I wonder if they taste good.

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