18th May


Another mixed bag, today. A few pictures from my journeys past the local hedgerows and then a longer walk to a high deforested area. Warm with occasional bright spots.

The Russian Comfrey is showing on a few localised verges. It was previously used here as a fodder crop:



The Giant Hogweed is currently about 1.5 metres tall. It will reach at least 3m before the enormous flower heads open.



Just for contrast, here's the 'ordinary' Hogweed. It's about 75 cm tall, and just about to flower.


 A quick snap taken while I was waiting in a car park. It's the Wild Strawberry

Up to the heath, now and two shots of a pure white Vetch. It appears to be a white form of Bush Vetch and grew in precisely the same place last year.

Two colour forms of the Milkwort. I only saw the blue last year. I'll get better images when there's better light.


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