20th May


Back to the high heath, today. And a later trip to the original hedgerow.


Numerous Orange Tips - both male and female.


I've also decided to change the buttons on my site to simpler text links. That will speed things up and avoid some other problems.

I've mentioned the old garden at one point. I know this isn't a wild plant, but I thought the old seed-head of the Poppy looked very beautiful:


And this is a better picture of the male Orange-Tip. It has a little more orange than I usually see.


The Heath Milkwort certainly appears in quite a few colours. The is the first virtually white one that I've seen.

This is the Helvella corium - a fungus which I first recorded for Ireland last year. Specimen on the left is 2 cm across.


This has puzzled me a bit. Tormentil usually has 4 petals, and I don't think this is the different Cinquefoil.



While I was down taking the Helvella, I spotted these tiny (6mm) wrinkled fungi growing on moss. Spore print in preparation.

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