21st May


High heath yet again, today. The hunt for the Small Heath butterfly is on.


Hottest day of the year, so far.

Two fungi growing through moss/heather. The Collybia aquosa on the left is 2 cm across and has tiny white spores. The larger (4 cm) Hebeloma on the right has yellow/brown oval spores.


I managed this telephoto shot of the Red Damselfly before it flew off.


This is the male Orange Tip. That's upper and lower surfaces of both male and female shown, now. I'll be watching the Cuckoo Flowers closely to see when the caterpillars emerge.

The Cuckoo Flower seems to be a major attraction for feeding insects. Here are two hoverflies busy on them.

Rhingia campestris on the left, I think, and Melanostoma scalare on the right.


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