22nd May


High heath yet again, today. The hunt for the Small Heath butterfly is on.


Hottest day of the year, so far.


This little fungus is very common just now. It's an Omphalina - ericetorum, I think.

Lower specimen about 18mm across.

The Meadow Pipit is probably the most common bird in the northern part of my patch.

Two wider-angle shots of the Heath Milkworts. These were growing on the track made by the loggers as they cleared the forestry two years ago. Yet another example of the quick exploitation of a newly available environment.


Up in this area, I expect to find Willows, conifers and the occasional Alder.

This appears to be an Apple tree, and has clearly been there for many years - the tree is well established (about 2.5 metres tall).

So possibly bird-sown or maybe a discarded apple-core.

Central flower around 3.5 cm across.

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