23nd May


A trip to the coast, today. The difference in plant advancement was quite noticeable. Sea level is probably about 10 days ahead of the usual patch. I have enough images for two days, so more tomorrow.


Warm and sunny.


One Large White at the coast.

Two shots of the Cat's Ear - one of the yellow daisies. Flower head about 4 cm across.



This Kidney Vetch is a new species for me. The lower leaves looked just like clover leaves.

Flower head about 4 cm across.


This is the flower of the Silverweed - another of the Cinquefoils. My local specimens aren't even in bud, yet.

Two images showing Bird's-foot Trefoil. The insect on the left is the Honey-bee, and the right-hand image captures the intense pink colour of the unopened bud.

These two lichens were growing well above the high tide level. On the left, Caloplaca thallincola, and Xanthoria parietina (var. ectanea) on the right.

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