24th May


Continuation of yesterday's trip to the coast, with a late visit to the hedgerow.


Warm and sunny.

Two more lichens. It's clear that the green Lecanora sulphurea is  dominating the grey Tephromela atra to the top of the photo. In fact, the Lecanora is parasitic on the Tephromela. The image on the right has been tentatively identified as another Lecanora.



The Thrift and Bird's-foot trefoil make a nice image.



I suppose no trip to the beach is complete without a dead starfish. This one was about 20 cm across.


This yellowish Crane-fly was very numerous tonight. Body length about 15mm.

The soldier beetle on the left appears to be just emerging from its larval home. And you'll probably remember that I'm particularly fond of these hanging spider images.


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