27th May


I went up to the deforested area near the highest point. This area has been slow to develop as it's very exposed.


Hot and overcast.

The Common Butterwort has just flowered. It's an insectivorous plant, with sticky yellowish leaves that attract and trap midges, etc. The black dots on the leaves are midge carcases. Plant shown about 10 cm. tall.


Two images of a gall on the Alder. Top view on the left and underside on the right. Possibly the Alder Gall mite - Phytoptus laevis


Another Buttercup? No, it's the Lesser Spearwort - a water-loving member of the same family. Flower about 15mm. across and plant about 20 cm. tall.

I was down looking for signs of buds on the Fairy, or Purging Flax when I noticed it was covered in this orange Rust - It's a fungus, probably Flax Rust - Melampsora lini. Leaf in the centre of the picture about 1 cm tall.



I rarely spend much time looking at the Procumbent Pearlwort, but this specimen was showing its tiny (3mm.) flowers nicely.


I normally don't even try to identify Sedges, etc. because I find them too difficult. Turns out this one is Deergrass. Growing through Heather, and about 15 cm tall.

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